Donna Flagg
November 16 2017

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE assisted stretch (and Thai massage). It’s just about understanding the benefits of each and knowing what to expect :) Thanks for reading and contributing!

Jayze Leekohsu
October 27 2017

I agree with your idea about that the body have the ability to correct itself by doing self stretching. You are better with your body because you are a dancer and most probably have a good teacher and started young. another thing is genetically maybe your adaptationg and compensationg from your training is better. Assisted stretching have it’s own group as well and may not work with people like you. Though the years our generation is different. there is more people seating that before and they lose theirn pattern of movement and may complicates faster than what everybody expect. Assisted stretching work on the speed to guide the neuromuscular ability to regain back what the body loss. this is common with people who are not active or just under general poplulation.

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