Fibromyalgia, Oxalates and Unexplained Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints across the globe, and we are here to help with our new technique that helps take the pain away.

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Muscles Present A Curious Dichotomy That Can Inform Your Exercise Routine

The fitness industry focuses on strength without due consideration to the fact that the more power you pack into a muscle, the tighter you make it. We're here to fix that!

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If You Want to Increase Your Flexibility, Assisted Stretching Won’t Do It

An assisted stretch does nothing to increase your flexibility because it prevents you from learning how to train your body and muscles.  

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Why You Stretch and Don’t Gain Flexibility

There is a big difference between moving your body and moving your muscles. It makes no sense that in stretching, we pick a pose and sit in it. It simply doesn't work.

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How Long To Hold A Stretch and It's Not 30 Seconds

There are two huge helpers you can use to increase your flexibility. Counting time is not one of them.

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This Is How To Increase Your Flexibility

The missing link in flexibility training starts with how it is approached. Change your approach and you will drastically change your flexibility by using these simple techniques.

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This Could Be Why You Feel Stiff Even Though You Stretch

Strength is to flexibility what mobility is to stability. It's a balancing act, but sometimes your body will trick you and then you need to ferret out your underlying weaknesses.

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Our Assessment Guided Workouts

Discovering what your body needs is a great way to tailor your workouts to net greater gains. Our classes have assessments built in so we are sure to target the right needs at the right time.

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How To Use Your Strength Training To Develop Flexibility

If you're not using the same theory that supports strength training for your stretch, you are missing major opportunities to move the needle on your flexibility goals.

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Why We Created A New Strength Class and What It's About

This kind of strengthening is not considered central to a good and regular fitness routine even though it's core to all physical therapy applications. We disagree.

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Improve Your Posture In One Easy Breath

There are many things you can fix when you improve your posture. This technique offers a new twist to help you out of your slump!

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Assisted Stretch Flexibility with Donna Flagg Lastics Stretching

Why Your Flexibility Doesn't Improve With Assisted Stretching

If you've ever wondered about the benefits of an assisted stretch, read on to learn why it doesn't increase your flexibility. 

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Runners Stretch Lastics Founder Donna Flagg

The #1 Mistake Runners Make When They Stretch

The truth is that most people are not flexible enough to do the stretches they are attempting. Small, gradual gains are better than going too far and blowing your form in the process. 

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Flexibility Training For Personal Trainers, Explained 

Our founder explains Lastics Stretch Technique in an interview with Complete Body Gym about their new flexibility training for personal trainers.

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A Hamstring Stretch for The Tightest People on Earth

Let us show you how to get started with stretching techniques that work! Start with our small, signature micro-moves and you'll go farther than you ever imagined. 

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