A Hamstring Stretch for The Tightest People on Earth

Let us show you how to get started with stretching techniques that work! Start with our small, signature micro-moves and you'll go farther than you ever imagined. 

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Lastics Stretch Technique | Stretch Class Made Just For Men

A Stretch Class Made Just For Men

Men's bodies hit the same obstacles when they stretch because their inherent strength also means they are inherently tighter than women. We're here to fix that!

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New Lastics Strength Class: Coming Soon!

Lastics Stretch Meets Its Match

Flexibility is freedom, strength is balance and the name of the game in our new strength class is putting the whole into holistic healing. 

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Go Farther And Deeper With These Calf Stretches

Let us show you how you can get the best calf stretch of your life!

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Some TLC For Your Body While You WFH

Adjusting to the new normal certainly has its challenges. We're here to help. Check out our WFH stretches!

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Wellness

We leave our hearts out of the equation when we talk about mind, body and soul.

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Lastics Hamstring Stretch

Here's How To Get A Better Hamstring Stretch [Video]

Two easy things you can do to stretch your hamstrings from end-to-end.

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Are You Getting the Maximum Benefit From Your Fruits and Veggies?

Fruits and veggies 101, because they are not all created equal.

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7 Trendy Diet Myths Busted

Are you being duped by popular diet advice?

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Donna Lastics Stretch

How NOT To Stretch Your Hamstrings [Video]

A little technique goes a long way. Our tips will help you loosen up your hamstrings like never before!

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Why Everything You've Been Told About Stretching Is Wrong

With just a little common sense and some technique you can change your flexibility from head to toe.

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How To Pick Summer Herbs With Chef Jason Graham [Video]

Tips from world renown Chef Jason Graham on harvesting summer herbs.

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What You Can & Can't Achieve With An Assisted Stretch

Assisted stretching is great for many things, but not if you want to increase your flexibility. 

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5 Reasons You Need to Stretch

Go beyond the same-old, same-old reasons to stretch and discover how better flexibility can improve your whole life. 

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Hamstring and Back Stretch All In One! [Video]

Stretch almost your whole body in just two minutes and feel amazing after.

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