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Here, corporate training meets flexibility training and Lastics Performance Training is born. Donna Flagg, Lastics Stretch Technique creator, was a dancer, then a corporate executive who left a sales and training career to start her own business.

First was a consulting firm, which she led for 15 years, that served mostly blue chip companies and iconic beauty/fashion brands. Then, returning to her passion for movement, she started a wellness company focusing on flexibility based on a method she created to improve dance and athletic performance. As a subset, she has since created flexibility PT, which helps restore balance and mobility for people who are recovering from injury and surgery. 


The Body of Your Business: Corporate Flexibility Training

Organizations, by nature, on one level lumber along. But, at the same time, at another, they run at warp speed. This is one of the biggest challenges of integration companies face: to create foundational stability while also developing the agility necessary to respond to environmental realities quickly and adeptly. 

It's about flexibility. It's about movement - in the right direction. 

Our training is the only of its kind because we understand flexibility and know how to teach it. We use physical flexibility as a metaphor for workplace flexibility, both of which embody our philosophy that you simply can't perform optimally if you are not free to move because you are rigid and stiff. 

This course works with employees in a fun, interactive and visceral way that ties flexibility to performance, and maps it onto corporate flexibility, workplace productivity and organizational performance. It is designed to stretch the people in your company as far they can go.

Donna has both a master's and post-master's degree in Organizational Development and Human Resource Management, and Business Education, respectively, from New York University.




Employee TLC: Investing in Your Company's Greatest Resource 

People can't go the distance if they don't feel good. People can't focus if they are in pain. Employees can't perform well if they are stressed out.

Our stretch class is a great reboot. Quicker than a nap and better then a coffee break, it takes employees out of their heads and into their bodies to reduce stress, restore energy, reconnect and rebalance.

Donna has a bachelor's degree in dance from Rutgers University and teaches her unique method to all ages and levels. 


Lastics clients: Deloitte, Morning Brew, Kaiser Permanente, MTV, SpaceNK, Maxmara, Northwestern Mutual


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