About Lastics

Lastics is the brainchild of Donna Flagg, a trained dancer holding a BA in dance from Rutgers University, MA in education, and advanced post masters degree in business from New York University.

As a dancer, there was constant pressure on Donna’s body - pressure that balanced strength and flexibility because unlike most athletes, the training itself requires dancers to be as strong as they are flexible. When that balance was disrupted later in her career, a major knee injury requiring partial reconstructive surgery was the result.

Her own personal healing process was the beginning of turning Lastics Stretch Technique into a codified method.

In her research, alongside PT, rehab and personal training, something struck Donna as unusual. It was the combination of inconsistencies in the science, and then also in what she perceived as similar contradictions in her actual hands-on training and therapy.

For starters, technical information to support strength training was plentiful, and the application of those theories was evident in the practical sense as well: Donna’s strength came back in a steady, noticeable way. But there was no such equivalent in restoring flexibility. Flexibility training was, and still is, nonexistent. What lacks are the technical underpinnings and expertise that inform strength training.

The contrast between healing and rehabilitative modalities is glaring when you look at stretch versus strength. Namely, with strength, much time and effort is spent training to develop strength and build muscle. But with stretch, common practice is to rely on someone else to do the work. This is not training the muscles and it is rather nonsensical when considering how strength training works. 

To that end, Lastics will change the way you think about, and understand, your body. It significantly improves your body awareness by revealing a very special connection of muscle to mind. 

There are many ways you can learn how to stretch, teach stretch, train athletes, and rehab injuries at Lastics. We have online training at Lastics U, as well as classes in NYC and on Zoom. We also offer private online and in-person coaching for specific, targeted goals. 

So, join the movement! You’ll move, perform and feel better with muscles that are longer, stronger, more supple and healthy from the inside-out and end-to-end!

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