Lastics Classes

In the heart of New York City, Lastics is where people of all ages, levels and body types go to get the stretch that makes you sweat.

Our classes are never overcrowded and always filled with people who share a passion for wanting to feel good in their bodies. From people who are healing from an injury, conditioning for a sport, training for a profession in dance, gymnastics, skating, etc..., looking for pain relief, advancing a yoga or Pilates practice or just plain interested in being more flexible, all are welcome.

Scroll down for class schedule and updates. No registration required. NYHRC class requires gym membership.


Day Time Location Level INSTRUCTOR
Mon 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Steps / 2121 Broadway / Map Intermediate Donna
Tue 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Broadway Dance Center / 322 W 45th St, 3rd Fl / Map Open Donna
Tue 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM NY Live Arts / 219 W 19th St / Map Open Lizzie
Wed 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM (w/gym membership) NYHRC / 18 E 50th St / Map Basic Donna
Wed 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Steps / 2121 Broadway / Map Intermediate Donna
Thur 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Broadway Dance Center / 322 W 45th St, 3rd Fl / Map Open Donna
Thur 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM NY Live Arts / 219 W 19th St / Map Open Lizzie
Fri 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Steps / 2121 Broadway / Map Intermediate Donna
Thur, 4/13 NO 7:00 PM CLASS @NY LIVE ARTS


Class Costs


Prepay and Receive a Discount!
(For classes at NYLA in Chelsea only)

$25.00 cash for walk-ins

$22.00 per class when you pay online

$20.00 per class when you buy a 10-class card

Email us for professional discounts.



"I love Lastics because it takes into account the entire body and not just the part being stretched.  It is intelligent stretching that builds strength, alignment and overall movement quality. I do an hour of Lastics and then teach a dance class able to demonstrate choreography free from worry about injury." 

Mimi Quillin
Bob Fosse Dancer

"Lastics is a great way to prepare your body for any kind of movement. Within one class I saw a huge improvement in my flexibility, as well as my balance and control. This truly works wonders!" 

Marina Micalizzi
Billy Elliot on Broadway

“I found muscles that I never felt before and was much more limber than usual afterwards."

Randy Foye
Denver Nuggets, NBA

"Lastics has been completely new and rewarding experience for the Joffrey Academy students. It has helped them think about using their muscles in different ways in ballet class as it incorporates exercises that both stretch and strengthen muscles."

Anna Reznik
Academy Artistic Director, Joffrey Chicago

"These exercises actually do what all the other exercises say they do, but really don't. I do a lot of yoga and used to be an athlete. Lastics was the best stretch I've ever had, bar none. You won’t believe how good you feel afterwards."

Hoyt Richards

"It’s definitely a different approach to stretching that works. It released the gripping I’d been feeling for years in my lower and middle back."

Dr. Andrew Feldman, M.D.
NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, New York Medical College and Head Physician, The New York Rangers

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Donna Flagg
Founder / Creator

"Stretching for me is way more than a physical activity. It’s a way of life. Whether we're talking about physical, mental, sexual, emotional or spiritual health, it’s really all the same; if you remain flexible and keep stretching toward your full potential, both literally and figuratively, fulfillment and happiness await you!"

Patty Lee-Renert
The glue that holds it all together

"I love to stretch because it helps me refocus. I find that when life gets hectic, as it so often does, it’s easy for me to forget to check-in with myself. Stretching slows me down, gives me a chance to hear my own thoughts, feel my body and just be present, one breath at a time."

Alyssa Maksym
Certified Instructor

"Stretching is a way of opening up. It enables me to release whatever I have been holding onto, both in my body and mind. There doesn't have to be an end goal in stretching. There is always more to reach for. And that idea, for me, carries over into every aspect of my life."

Lizzie LaMorgia
Certified Instructor

"Stretching teaches me to practice patience and be present in the moment. It allows me to breathe air into the spaces that need it most. When I stretch, I release all of the stress and tension I've been holding on to during the day; it's a deep tissue massage for my mind and body. After a great stretch session, I feel accomplished, calm, open, and ready to face the world."

Richelle Rice
Certified Instructor

"Stretching has enabled me to thrive in my passions. Not only does it enhance my dancing, it makes it so that I can do any other physical activity with confidence and ease. Stretching has also played a significant part in keeping my body healthy and free of injury. It's something I enjoy and always look forward to — I can see and feel my progress and continue to improve!"