May 12 2023

The first time I achieved a split is after 35. I was never able to get a split when I was younger. This is b/c I finally discovered an autoimmune inflammatory condition I had and got it adressed with LDN. After getting my AKS under control, it took me about 8 months to achieve a split. People who think they are tight and not flexible and often are sore and feel a lot of aches and pains in the morning shoud adress inflammation first. You won;t be able to get into optimal stretching shape, if you always suffer low-grade inflammation. Hormones also play a big role. If you are female and your estrogen and progesterone are low during key parts of the cycle, this will make your less flexible. Getting hyperandrogenism, such as PCOS under control will also help you get more flexible. I know taking androgen blockers and taking female hormone replacement did wonders for my connective tissue. Sometimes lack of flexibility is not just mechanical, sometimes it is indicative of deeper medical issues that need to be remedied and unfortunately western medicine is not very good at understanding these symptoms and treating them appropriately.

December 10 2015

i just taught myeslf how to do gymnastics. i just stretched alot at home at my flexibility increased. it may hurt and u may be sore the first few times but DON’T GIVE UP!

January 25 2015

What a beautiful profession – thank you!!

October 02 2014

my profession is equine massage and farrier service. I am 58 years old and would not last in this business with out stretching myself, from back , hamstrings ,and ribcage. Horses that are in athletic work, and showing get sore just as humans. Part of my massage routine is 15 min of stretching neck, shoulders, legs, ribcage, back and hips. Flexibility for myself and the horse’s I work on is very important, and proper technic is very important. You do a great job, thanks.

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