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Beginner: A Stretch Workout Like No Other (Level 1)

This set of 4 videos is the foundation of Lastics and based on the open class that Donna created for all levels. It focuses on learning how to articulate your body so you can stretch the muscles from end-to-end. To do that successfully you need to learn how to move. So in Level 1 you will not find that the stretches are broken out by "body part." That creates a limitation on the body's ability to take the muscles to their fullest length. Rather, each section moves you through the stretch, hitting multiple targets and training your body with a more elongating and holistic approach. 

Stretch In Motion (18:01) | Get Into Your Body (25:46) | Feel the Rush (17:30)  | Body Meets Mind (11:01) 


NEW! Intermediate: A Stretch That Goes Deeper (Level 2)

In a set of four sequences that you can mix and match, or do all at once, this level is broken out into a whole body, upper body, lateral body and lower body stretch. While it will challenge your flexibility in the best way possible, we also have modifications if you need them to make sure our signature stretches reach deep into the nooks and crannies of your body to release the tightest of tight.

Whole Body (15:44) | Upper Body (21:49) | Lateral Body (10:44) | Lower Body  (12:51)


Advanced: A Stretch That Moves You (Level 3)

These 6 videos build upon the foundation established in Level 1. Some of the stretches are rather intense. Please ease into them gently. There is a section dedicated to splits, although the deep hip and hamstring segments will also help prepare the muscles you need to help you go farther.

Warm Up (7:31) Get into your body from head to toe | Neck, Back & Side Stretch (11:43) A stretch that moves you from neck to hips | Hips (15:05) A whole hip stretch from inside, out and all around | Hamstrings (14:28) One hundred percent hamstrings from three different angles | Back, Chest & Shoulders (9:11) Upper body with a little bit of belly | Full Body with Splits (17:56) Stretch and strength with splits on the ground and in the air


Lite: A Stretch Express (Level Everyone)

This is a great stretch to get you moving in the morning or wind you down at the end of the day for a better night's sleep. At just 15 minutes we'll give you a full-body, comprehensive head-to-toe stretch!

Lastics Lite: A Stretch Express (16:59)


Office Stretches (Level Everyone)

You don't need your workout clothes or any special equipment. All you need is you! Clear your head, get your blood circulating and reboot throughout the day with these quick 2-4 minutes stretches. They're quicker than a coffee break and better than a nap!

Arm Stretch (3:30) | Back & Chest Twist (3:10) | Back Release (3:11) | Calf Flex Ability (3:30) | Hands on Hamstrings (3:10) | Head to Toe (2:34) | Neck Release (4:12) | Outer Hip & Thigh (2:48) | Quadromania (2:13) | Upper Body (3:58)


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