Stretch Into the 21st Century (3rd Edition) - Paperback

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An Introduction to Lastics & Supplement to the DVD

This book introduces and explains the Lastics® stretching technique and also offers a companion guide to A Stretch Workout Like No Other, the DVD. In addition to correcting the most common stretching mistakes people make during Lastics classes, there is also a section to help you track improvements, not only in your flexibility, but in your overall well-being too.  

Donna busts popular myths and explains why traditional stretching methods such as:

  • Holding a stretch for a fixed amount of time misses the point.
  • Dynamic and static stretching net the same underwhelming results unless you learn one simple concept.
  • Using straps to stretch rob your body of the opportunity to develop the independence and intelligence it needs to move freely.

 You will discover:

  • How Lastics retrains the body to stretch in a way that gets results 
  • What is wrong with how stretching is researched and the way it is taught
  • How stretching can improve your relationship with your body and overall wellness

Inside you will receive:

  • A stretch-by-stretch guide to our basic DVD
  • Important tips "At-a-Glance"
  • Tracking section to identify opportunities for better health

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