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Natural Personal Lubricant

Personal care products don’t get much more personal than when it comes to intimate lubricants; and so we’re going all in with our new organic, natural, 3-ingredient lube.

The beauty of this product is the extent to which it improves sex that has become challenging due to physiological changes resulting from medical/hormonal treatments and/or menopause. It is not moisture replenishment. It is pure slip and pure slide designed for the sole purpose of putting some serious slipperiness back into your sex life. So, c’mon! Time to get your glide on!

  • Smells like chocolate 😋
  • Long lasting, will not get sticky or tacky
  • Responds well to friction - gets more slippery, not less
  • Silky, luxurious and sensual
  • 3 whole, organic, natural ingredients
  • Glass bottle protects ingredients and avoids plastic chemicals leaching into the product/ into your body




Simple Ingredients

Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Leaf Lard 


  • Do not use with condoms.
  • If lube thickens sit the bottle in some hot water to soften before use.
  • It’s pure oil and will stain. Use a cover to protect furniture/rugs.
  • Though completely edible, it is not recommended for oral sex.


Shake well. Start with a small amount (dime-sized) and add more as needed. Spread on intimate areas that need "slip.” Have fun!

We recommend warming the product before use in some hot water for two reasons: 1) It feels good. 2) It will melt any coconut oil that may have settled at the bottom.

*Please keep away from pets. This product contains cacao, which is chocolate and can be harmful to dogs.


Net 2.0 fl oz / 60 ml

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