Lastics: A Stretch Workout Like No Other - DVD

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The workout on this DVD will give you a stretch like no other, and also change the way you think about, and understand, your body. It was designed to give people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels a way to improve their flexibility based on techniques dancers use to stay lean and limber.

Features a one-hour, full-body workout broken down into four segments* plus a special section to show you how to correct common stretching mistakes so you can fully enjoy all the benefits of being more flexible. 

The four sections are:

#1 - Stretch in Motion: 15 minutes
#2 - Get Into Your Body: 19 minutes
#3 - Feel the Rush: 14 minutes
#4 - Body Meets Mind: 9 minutes

* New and improved with menu!

Don't have a DVD Player? Go online! Streaming is now available a la carte or via monthly subscription! 

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