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Chocolate Mint Holiday 2020

Where to even start on this product? The way it smells or how it softens your feet or the way it glides on because the stick fits perfectly on the curves of your feet or that it only has 3 ingredients (+ mint essential oil)?

This balm was another happy accident that we love so much and are adding it to our line in time for the holidays. It smells like a warm cup of hot mint cocoa and soothes dry, cracked feet without any chemicals or petroleum. 

    BPA/BPS-free recyclable plastic

    Simple Ingredients

    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Cacao Butter, Carnauba Wax (from Brazil), Peppermint Essential Oil

    Important Note: This product contains cacao, which is chocolate and can be harmful to dogs. Please keep the container away from your beloved pets. You'll need to wear socks anyway because your feet will be slippery, so that will prevent them from licking it off, which they will no doubt want to do. For more information about chocolate and your pups, this article gives you the what, when and how much is safe versus not.


    Push balm up from bottom. Glide onto your dry, calloused, cracked skin. Rub it in and then put on socks. We also recommend sanding dry skin off your feet first before you start using this product. You will get much better results. 

    Net Wt. 3.0 oz

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