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  • Single Serve Pack: Bare Coconut Unscented Natural Deodorant | LASTICS BODY
  • Single Serve Pack: Peach Evergreen Natural Deodorant | LASTICS BODY
  • Single Serve Pack: Lavender Spice Natural Deodorant | LASTICS BODY
  • Single Serve Pack: Honeysuckle Citrus Natural Deodorant | LASTICS BODY
  • Footsie Cleansing Foot Spray 10ml | Lastics Body


Trying Is Believing!

This is our low on commitment, high on satisfaction program because we know how hard it is to find natural products that are truly, honestly natural that also deliver results, feel good and smell yummy. So, we want you to be able to try the products we make, and love using ourselves, if you feel unsure that they are actually as amazing as we say they are.

NATURAL DEODORANT: These come in single serve packets. Handmade with just 5 food-grade ingredients (plus phthalate-free natural fragrance, if scented), this deodorant will blow your mind. There are no chemical preservatives, emulsifiers, binders or hardeners and it will work longer and better than any other natural deodorant! 

Honeysuckle Citrus is sunny, bright and alive, a soft blend of orange blossom, grapefruit and lime sweetened slightly with a kiss of honeysuckle.

Lavender Spice is a modern, crisp lavender that we blend with vanilla and sprinkle with cardamom.

Peach Evergreen is a delectable peach, warm, soft and sweet with a little pine that gives it a fresh and interesting twist.

Bare Coconut is technically unscented, although it is not without scent. There is a soft, nutty, subtle note of coconut from the virgin organic coconut oil we use. But other than that, there is nothing added.

MELT MUSCLE RUB: The warming then cooling effects of this balm help soothe sore, tired muscles. It's a perfect post-workout companion to relieve joint pain or pain from injuries. It's also loaded to the brim with high-quality, natural ingredients. There are no fillers and in comes a little twist up tube that will fit in the palm of your hand.

FOOTSIE CLEANSING FOOT SPRAY: A must-have spray that wipes away foot filth and leaves your skin clean, soft, cool, refreshed and scented like a garden of fresh summer herbs with notes of evergreen and pine. Also great for wiping down yoga mats, refreshing smelly sneakers and studios, and more... all without harmful chemicals!



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