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15 Day Challenge

Jump Higher.  Walk Taller.  Feel Better.

Give us 15 days and we'll get you closer to the floor! We know. It sounds strange. But if you've ever wanted to touch your toes or do a split, you know what we're talking about. Sign up and you will receive my best stretching lessons free! Then, all you have to do is show us what you've got!


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Benefits of Lastics

Calms Mind and Body
When you let go of your muscles, they let go of you.
Feel Lighter and Looser
You'll find a lift in your body that improves posture, confidence and the way you carry yourself.
Relieves Neck and Back Pain
It's like a massage, only better because it goes where other stretches don't.
Enhances Sexual Activity
We're all about the pelvis. ;)
Improves Range of Motion
Longer, leaner muscles enable you to enjoy doing all the things you love doing, even more.