Lastics: The Stretch Out Workout - Enhanced EBook with Video

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Take our complete stretch workout video and Stretch Into the 21st Century book with you on your iPad!

The video is broken out into 4 mini, full-body stretch workouts:

#1 - Stretch in Motion: 15 minutes
#2 - Get Into Your Body: 19 minutes
#3 - Feel the Rush: 14 minutes
#4 - Body Meets Mind: 9 minutes

In the book you will learn: 

  • Why conventional stretching so often fails to increase flexibility 
  • How Lastics retrains the body to stretch in a way that gets results 
  • What is wrong with how stretching is researched and the way it is taught 
  • Which kinds of stretching routines actually work 
  • How stretching can improve your relationship with your body

You will also receive:

  • A stretch-by-stretch guide for our DVD, Lastics: A Stretch Workout Like No Other
  • Corrections to the most common stretching mistakes
  • A section to track improvements, not only in flexibility, but in overall well-being too 

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