Stretch Into the 21st Century (3rd Edition) - Paperback

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An Introduction to Lastics & Supplement to the DVD

This book introduces and explains the Lastics® stretching technique and also offers a companion guide to A Stretch Workout Like No Other, the DVD. In addition to correcting the most common stretching mistakes people make during Lastics classes, there is also a section to help you track improvements, not only in your flexibility, but in your overall well-being too.  

Also, popular myths are busted such as why holding a stretch for a fixed amount of time misses the point, why dynamic and static stretching net the same underwhelming results unless you learn one simple concept, and why using straps to stretch robs your body of the opportunity to develop the independence it needs to move freely.  

 You will discover:

  • How Lastics retrains the body to stretch in a way that gets results 
  • What is wrong with how stretching is researched and the way it is taught
  • How stretching can improve your relationship with your body and overall wellness

Inside you will receive:

  • A stretch-by-stretch guide to our basic DVD
  • Important tips "At-a-Glance"
  • Tracking section to identify opportunities for better health

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