Advanced Lastics: A Stretch that Moves You - DVD

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Advanced Lastics is the next level in stretch. At one-hour-and-fifteen-minutes, it is a real how-to in muscle elongation that will challenge your entire body. It's serious flexibility training for pre-professional and professional levels and perfect for dancers, skaters, gymnasts and martial artists.

Some of the stretches in this workout require you to get into difficult positions that assume an above-average level of flexibility. If you can't touch your toes without bending your knees, sit tall with a straight back and legs open in a straddle, or go down far enough into a split that your hands reach the floor on either side of your body, then our first DVD, A Stretch Workout Like No Other is a better place to start because it will give you the foundation you need for this DVD.

The Workout

  • Introduction - 1:29 - What you need to know before you start
  • Warm Up - 7:31 - Getting into your body from head to toe 
  • Neck, Back & Side Stretch - 11:43 - A stretch that moves you from neck to hips 
  • Hips - 15:05 - A whole hip stretch from inside, out and all around 
  • Hamstrings - 14:28 - One hundred percent hamstrings from three different angles 
  • Back, Chest & Shoulders - 9:11 - Upper body with a little bit of belly
  • Full Body with Splits - 17:56 - Stretch and strength with splits on the ground and in the air 

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